Sheridan: Give a Lasting Gift

07 Nov 2018

In an act to celebrate Sheridan’s commitment to long lasting quality, the brand has set their sights on the disposable nature of Christmas.

In recent years, Christmas has increasingly become inundated with disposable gifts. Even the season itself feels disposable - twelve days (if you’re lucky) and it’s done.

Sheridan is the antidote to the disposable gifts that have come to define Christmas. Their range of quality gifts are made to last, to keep giving and giving.

From luxury loungewear, silk eye masks, travel pouches and a scent collection, through to monogrammed robes, towels and bed linen for both him and her.

Sheridan’s baby collection offers perfect presents – gift sets, blankets, soft toys and monogrammed robes or bath towels.

With summer on the way, beach towels, bags and accessories such as sarongs make the perfect present for the season ahead. At Sheridan, there truly is something for everyone.

This year, Sheridan have decided to make Christmas last longer, 30 days in fact. With the help of the Sheridan Monogrammed Choir and an advent calendar. The Sheridan Choir will sing carols with a twist, promoting daily gift ideas, inspiration and discounts emulating the fun spirit of Christmas. 

Sheridan is located on Level two.