Camilla: The Butterfly Effect

14 Mar 2018

Camilla announces the launch of a brand-new partnership with The Hunger Project, that will exclusively fund their program for adolescent girls in Bihar, India. The Butterfly Effect, the Camilla X The Hunger Project partnership, will bring $120,000 of funding to educate 1,000 young women in India’s third-largest state of Bihar in 2018.

As part of the AW India collection, The Long Way Home, Camilla has created a special print story for The Hunger Project. For every piece of apparel and accessories from The Butterfly Effect print sold, 10% of profits will go towards funding the adolescent girls program. The first fundraising initiative for this project was the sale of a special scarf in Camilla boutiques across December and January which has generated over $50,000, with 100% of all proceeds used to launch the 2018 program. More initiatives will unfold throughout the year to achieve the total fundraising goal.

The program will create a brighter future for 1,000 young girls and their families in the Bihar community through education and training to end critical issues affecting their safety, freedom and livelihood. Key missions of The Hunger Project’s adolescent girls program include ending child marriage, and delivering education and training on human rights, nutrition and sanitation for the young girls, aged 13 to 18.

Inspired by the power of the butterfly effect concept, it is estimated the program will impact over 40,000 women in the Bihar community, as the participants teach and pass on this knowledge to their sisters, mothers, daughters and future generations. Camilla hopes that this action will inspire greater effects with this one small start and it was this dream that inspired the name of the initiative and The Butterfly Effect print.

Over the past 17 years, The Hunger Project has trained 175,000 women through similar education and training programs and have empowered 6,000 adolescent girls to date. 

The Butterfly Effect print, launching 14th March 2018, is part of The Long Way Home Camilla AW collection, created from Camilla Franks’ deep love, appreciation, travels and connection with her second home, India. For every print sold, 10% of profits will go towards funding the adolescent girls program. 

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