The People Behind The Produce: Anthony Puharich from Vic’s Meats

News| 6th March 2024
The People Behind The Produce: Anthony Puharich from Vic’s Meats
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Foodies, fishmongers and fifth-generation butchers. In this new series, we meet the people behind the produce at Chatswood Chase and ask them for their tips, tricks and trade secrets that will take your next meal to the next level.

Vic’s Meat is the premium supplier behind 75 per cent of the country’s top 100 restaurants, supplying iconic restaurants such as Quay, Bennelong, Firedoor, Woodcut, Sixpenny, Aria & San Telmo, Monopole, Pony Dining and Black Bar & Grill. Now, for the first time since opening in 1997 Anthony Puharich and his father – the eponymous Vic – are bringing the restaurant home with Vic’s The Chef’s Butcher, a first-of-its-kind premium quality meat mecca at Chatswood Chase. Expect gourmet burger kits, bespoke service and Australia’s best grass-fed beef that is ethically sourced and free of genetic modifications, hormones, antibiotics or chemical residues.

“We’re really really looking forward to being part of the local community and being a part of this really exciting new development that’s happening here at Chatswood Chase,” says Puharich of this exciting new venture. “It takes an army to create an amazing customer experience and I’m blessed with a great team behind me, and great people who’re going to be a part of this new experience,” he adds of the hand-selected team who will be bringing Vic’s to life at Chatswood Chase. “That team is led by Dean Phipps, our head butcher who is young but has a wealth of experience behind him. A really passionate butcher who really believes in the Vic’s brand and what we're all about.”

“My message to all those great Chatswood Chase customers is come and check us out, come and have a look. Meet the team, have a chat, ask some questions.”

Here, in anticipation of their opening, we sat down with Anthony to find out the pantry item he can’t live without, his tips for hosting the perfect BBQ and why dry ageing takes your meat to another level of depth and flavour.

One thing people might be surprised to know about Vic’s Meat is…Vic's stands proudly as a fifth-generation family-run and operated business, that has passionately dedicated the last 30 years to delivering premium quality meat to the best, most recognisable and awarded chefs and restaurants in Australia.

The one pantry item I can’t live without is… great-quality salt flakes, my go-to brand is Maldon Salt.

The thing I cook the most is… I just love live fire and charcoal BBQing! There's nothing better than throwing a delicious cut of meat onto charcoal and cooking over a live fire.

Three things you need to throw a great barbeque…

1. Quality Ingredients - Start with the best cuts of meat.

2. Reliable Grill/BBQ Set Up - Whether it's a charcoal grill, gas grill, or smoker, having a dependable and well-maintained BBQ setup is crucial for achieving that perfect char and flavour.

3. Good Company - A BBQ is not just about the food; it's about the people. Invite friends and family, create a lively atmosphere, and enjoy the shared experience of good food and great company.

The Spotify playlist I always go back to… I love music from the 80’s. It always puts me in a good mood.

My go-to cut of meat is...a beautifully Dry Aged piece of Rib Eye on the Bone. This particular steak tastes exceptionally good due to its marbling, tenderness, texture and juiciness. Anything on the bone always tastes better as well and then Dry Aging takes it to another level of depth and flavour.

And the thing I always pair it with is… thick-cut homemade chips!

The one mistake I wish people would stop making when they cook a steak*...*not letting their steak rest after they cook it. Resting steak after cooking redistributes the natural juices found in meat back into the meat for better flavour, juiciness and tenderness. You should always rest your meat for half its cooking time.

Vic's The Chef's Butcher is the place for you if you… are passionate about quality and deeply committed to provenance and how your meat is raised and where it comes from. Our 30 years of expertise in the meat industry have cultivated invaluable relationships with suppliers, farmers and producers all over Australia. These connections are not only vital to our business but also enhance the experience for our discerning customers.

The thing we are most excited about opening at Chatswood Chase is…embarking on the journey to become an integral part of the local Chatswood community and the greater north shore area is a long-awaited privilege for us. While our online delivery service has allowed us to provide excellent service in the past, we're thrilled to elevate our commitment to extraordinary service on a face-to-face basis.

One thing I’ve tried at Chatswood Chase that I’ll have again is… I’m a sucker for a good Vanilla slice and Pattison’s does a great one!

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