Visiting with Children

Our Family Facilities

Families make up a large part of the local community and we like to ensure that we are making it an easier experience when shopping at Chatswood Chase Sydney with your children.

Parents Rooms

When a nappy needs changing, or a toddler needs taming, head to one of our private Parents Rooms, located on all four shopping levels. Our clean and friendly sanctuary for parents and their children is complete with private feeding rooms and extra facilities suited to your needs.

  • Level Two: Next to the Car Park entrance.
  • Level One: Next to the Car Park entrance
  • Ground Level: Across from Haigh’s Chocolates
  • Lower Ground: There are two rooms. One next to Priceline, the other just off the Dining Court.

Children's Play Area

Our interactive Play Pod on will let your mini VIPs have some play time while you take a moments’ break.

  • Located on Level Two, on the far end from David Jones.

Children's Stores

We also have a full range of stores catering to Children, more information found in our Children shopping category.

Children’s Toys and Apparel.