Rodd & Gunn: Autumn/Winter 2018

18 Apr 2018

Rising dramatically from the ocean, Whakaari or White Island, is a prehistoric reminder that all life on earth emanated from the sea. Here, off the coast of New Zealand's North Island, new worlds have been forged and shaped by the power of nature since time began. 

This active marine volcano is a fitting backdrop to Rodd & Gunn's new season, when brisk days invite a regeneration of style and dressing is dictated by nature's whim. In 2018 intelligent design, natural fibres and high performance fabrics continue to shape the collection, breathing new life into winter classics.

The Rodd & Gunn winter collection has its origins in the timeless appeal of nature. Garments designed to weather the harshest winter conditions form the foundation of the season. Waxed cotton jackets, supremely warm Merino wool knits and soft leather jackets to keep the cold at bay. 

Rodd & Gunn is located on Level Two.