R.M.Williams: Made in Australia

20 Sep 2018

Born in Australian outback, R.M.Williams create purposefully designed and beautiful footwear, craft and accessories for all of your life's adventures.

Reginald Murray (‘RM’) Williams founded the company, R.M.Williams, in 1932. RM recognised the need for hardwearing products and was determined to create a boot that could endure the harsh conditions of the Australian outback. Months were spent adapting a single piece of softened hide into one of the world’s most recognizable footwear styles.

RM embraced everything the Australian bush had to offer. He spent years in the remote Flinders Ranges of South Australia, where he met and befriended a passing horseman by the name of Dollar Mick. Together they spent months working leather and, having refined his skills and developing the boot that still bears his name. His first success came selling packsaddles to the famous owner of a large group of cattle stations. This enabled RM to set up shop in 1934 in his father’s shed at 5 Percy Street in the Adelaide suburb of Prospect, an address immortalised on the tugs of his boots, and now the location of our museum and one of our retail stores.

Today the skill of the 300 craftsmen and women in our workshop in Adelaide is something special and unique. Many of these staff members have a lifelong dedication to the company, and have learned and passed their knowledge down from generation to generation.

Each R.M.Williams design is imbued with purpose. Quality and functionality inform sartorial statements. Our products include long-lasting one-piece-of-leather boots made from the world’s finest hides, refined Australian wool apparel, velveteen moleskin jeans that (so legend has it) can withstand snakebite. Craftsmanship like this can be worn everyday and anywhere, but can only be made by experienced hands taking great personal care.

R.M.Williams is located on Ground Level.