NUBO: Two Week Experience

Located on Level 2, NUBO Chatswood houses explorative play areas, nutritious café treats and creative workshops delivered through our passionate team. We at NUBO are driven to provide the perfect environment in which families can navigate these early years of learning together. Modern life is far more complex, and modern families need solutions that address their unique challenges - at NUBO we want to give this start to every child and family.

We’re changing, and the NUBO program is now inspired by Montessori philosophies and derived from the latest in early childhood research and best practices of time-tested approaches.  We deliver high calibre content via trained Educators and have a deep respect for each child’s individual path as it naturally unfolds. We create beautiful, purposefully designed spaces to encourage developmentally appropriate behaviours and provide the nurturing environment for learning.

Discover what NUBO Chatswood Chase can offer your family with a 2 week experience for just $49!