Nespresso: Limited Edition Coffees

02 Jul 2018

For its latest launch, Nespresso has looked to the unique birthplaces of the Arabica bean and Robusta bean to develop two exceptional new Limited Edition coffees. Australian coffee lovers can enjoy a journey of discovery to the beans origins, with Arabica Ethiopia Harrar and Robusta Uganda taking inspiration from the captivating myths of where coffee originates.

Featuring coffees from Ethiopia, which is the birthplace of Arabica coffee and Uganda, one of the alleged birth places of Robusta coffee, the new Limited Editions include Nespresso’s very first 100% Robusta coffee from Uganda.

The new Limited Edition Robusta Uganda is made from 100% Robusta beans strongly roasted to develop rich cacao notes resulting in a surprisingly sweet and intense coffee. In contrast, the new Limited Edition Arabica Ethiopia Harrar is created from 100% Arabica beans with notes of ripe fruits and fresh flowers.

Mitch Monaghan, Nespresso Coffee Ambassador said, “At Nespresso, we know the journey of coffee is just as important as the taste. With the new Limited Edition coffees, we wanted to take people on a mythical adventure to the original birthplaces of coffee. These fascinating stories are fundamental to the coffee we have today and, paired with our modern coffee expertise, allow us to share the incredible notes from Arabica Ethiopia Harrar and Robusta Uganda.”

To complement the Limited Edition coffees, Nespresso has collaborated with Swiss design studio, atelier oї to create two Limited Edition coffee trays. These stainless steel trays were inspired by traditional African coffee ceremonies, and the patterns are reminiscent of century-old artisanal steelwork techniques and the intricate art of guilloché. The trays are available in small (13cm) and medium (28cm) sizes. For a limited period, you can indulge in a ‘Discover Coffee Birth Places’ gift box, which comes with a steel tray plus a set of either two VIEW Lungo or two VIEW Espresso cups.

The Arabica Ethiopia Harrar and Robusta Uganda Limited Edition coffees will be available from 2nd July from Nespresso Chatswood Chase boutique. 

Nespresso is located on Ground Level.