Nespresso: Barista Limited Edition Coffees

04 Sep 2017

The barista-style coffee experience is now easier than ever to achieve at home thanks to the launch of the new Limited Edition Nespresso BARISTA coffee range. With three different aromatic profiles, there is a BARISTA Limited Edition coffee to satisfy your senses and allow you to bring the coffee bar straight to your kitchen.

Inspired by a world-class barista’s ability to perfectly harmonise the complex flavours in coffee and master milk preparation, Nespresso experts undertook multiple sensory tests to define the exact levels of roasting and the ideal coffee grinding techniques to create the three BARISTA Limited Edition coffees.

Mitch Monaghan, Nespresso Coffee Ambassador explained, “We know that 88% of Australians enjoy their coffee with milk.* Inspired by the world’s finest baristas and their understanding of the ideal harmonies of flavour and texture, our coffee experts undertook years of new research to master the intricate alchemies of coffee, in perfect balance with milk. We are proud to have created three different Limited Edition coffees, which customers can use to easily and conveniently replicate their favourite café-style coffees at home.”

This coffee has been specially crafted by Nespresso experts to be consumed with or without milk. The result of pairing this coffee with milk is a smooth creamy taste, roundness and delicate biscuit notes. BARISTA Chiaro is a medium-to-dark roasted blend of intensity 5 when black, a coffee that becomes exceptionally smooth and round when combined with milk.

This coffee is intense, flavourful and full-bodied, best enjoyed when paired with a gentle touch of milk froth. It is a medium-to-dark roasted blend of intensity 8 when black, that keeps its strong character when combined with milk.


The BARISTA Corto has been masterfully blended to create a coffee with an extra intense taste with a thick syrupy texture and a dark marbled crema. This coffee is a dark-roasted blend with intensity 11.

Whatever your preference, enjoy the perfect harmony of coffee and milk with the Nespresso BARISTA coffees, available for a limited time. 

*Coffee Compendium Research 2017.

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