Mon Purse at Chatswood Chase Sydney

17 Aug 2017

Founded in late 2014 by Lana Hopkins, CEO. The company was born out of Hopkins’ inability to find the kind of handbag quality and design to satisfy her. She saw an opportunity to create a disruptive model to provide fully customisable leather handbags that target the affordable luxury handbag market. Not only does Mon Purse disrupt the balance of control in the fashion industry by allowing customers to dictate the exact design of what they buy, rather than vice versa, but the ‘on demand’ business model is also environmentally conscious. Traditionally, for every meter of fabric that’s used by designers, an average of 20% is discarded. Mon Purse works with European artisans in Turkey and Italy through the production of their leather goods to combat this statistic. Given that Mon Purse represents mostly on demand production, they are able to achieve greater sustainability and better conditions for workers. In a culture of excess, the emotional connection that these customers are forging with their truly one of a kind, personalised products means that they are helping to combat fashion’s overarching waste problem by promoting genuine connection between individuals and their handbags. 

Mon Purse is located on Level One.