Luisa Spagnoli: Now Open

20 Dec 2018

The Luisa Spagnoli woman is a woman who is free to express all facets of her personality, showing her identity with pride. This is why she is so keen on picking garments and accessories that will accompany her throughout the day, from her free time to the most formal occasions, exploring new combinations, shapes and colours with a touch of sophistication. The union between a Luisa Spagnoli look and the woman who chooses it will inevitably spark a lasting connection, made of shared elegance and femininity.

Since it was founded, Luisa Spagnoli has been offering collections whose strengths are the vast assortment, the colour and size variety, the interchangeability and the great value for money. All these features blend into a combination of outfits for any occasion.

Come and explore this exciting new store located on Level 1.

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