Calibre: Winter Hustle & Night Moves

24 Jul 2017

Set amongst the crisp winter air and grey architecture, the July/August collection see’s The Calibre Man steps out into the Neon lights of Chinatown. Winter is coming to a close and the bright lights of the night echo the warmth of our summer, it is time to shed the heavyweight knits and coats of the colder seasons and stand front and centre against the technicolour.

As the sun breaks through the night, he is ready to hit the city streets ready to face whatever is thrown his way. Calibre’s July/August shoot is a monochromatic collection that aptly contrasts the vibrancy and business of the urban landscape; he is a leader amongst the noise in this transseasonal period of fashion. He is the reinvigoration of the Calibre brand, a man with a touch of mystery – but never without a purpose.

The collection showcases Calibre’s adaptive new suiting range, featuring both tailored and slim cuts that harken to our signature tailoring in collaboration with one of Italy’s premier suiting mills. Grey, black and blue encompass the core colour palette in suiting this season, with the introduction of new fits providing a diverse selection for both frequent and infrequent suit-wearers. Perforated dress shoes and rich gold accessories provide the sartorial finesse that The Calibre Man is known for in July August Collection.

The Collection features Calibre classics in fit and variety punctuated with embroidery details and accents of pattern. Integral to this season are pieces that are easily adaptable to a multitude of occasions and climates, with stretch fabrics being offered in an array of both heavier and lighter garments. Graphic shirting options when paired with our signature denim is a highlight of this collection, a season staple that can take any outfit from day to night. This season delivers a streetwear edge with a bold new range of sneakers in shades of white, navy and red, easily elevated with the addition of sports luxe favourites including bomber jackets and joggers.

Calibre is located on Level One.