Try Jamaica Blue's limited edition latte this winter!

06 Jul 2018

Winter can be cold, bland and lack colour. But it doesn't have to.

This July, Jamaica Blue is brightening up the cooler days with colour and self-expression and we've got the perfect drink to match.

Introducing our limited-edition Blue Latte - a deliciously warm Jaffa-flavoured white hot chocolate (dressed in blue).



The limited-edition Blue Latte is a caffeine-free winter treat, featuring white chocolate decadence powder and blue curacao syrup (made from the dried peel of a Lahara citrus fruit from the island of Curacao).

Combined with a choice of full cream, skim, almond or soy milk, this velvety Jaffa-flavoured drink is bound to add a coloured edge to any cold winter's day. 

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