Centre Services

The Chatswood Chase Customer Service professionals are more than happy to assist in all aspects of your visit to the centre. The Concierge Desk is located on Level One.

Services include:

Taxi Calling

A Customer Service Representative will be happy to call a taxi for your convenience.

Disabled Access

Chatswood Chase Shopping Centre is fully accessible by wheelchair.  There is a lift servicing all levels, and also lift access to Victoria Avenue and Ground Level.  Here at Chatswood Chase, we strive to make the shopping experience as comfortable and enjoyable as possible for all of our customers.   You can hire wheelchairs from the Concierge Desk free of charge, with approved identification. 


Parents Rooms, available near the carpark entrance on the Ground and Top Levels.  The rooms are well equipped with baby change areas, private feeding rooms, microwave ovens and toilets for your convenience.


The Centre Directories provide a complete floor plan and key centre information. Copies are available throughout the centre, including the Concierge Desk.

Click here to view the Chatswood Chase Sydney centre directory online. 


A record of lost and found items is maintained at the Concierge Desk.


Complimentary gift wrapping is available at special times of the year such as Mother's Day and Christmas.


Chatswood Chase recommends Smitten With  Style who are available for one-on-one consultations and personal shopping expeditions. 

Wendy started Smitten With Style for everyday real people - not celebrities - because she believes everyone deserves to look and feel fantastic from the inside out! Her philosophy of "style with heart" - combines the best style advice with a caring and thoughtful approach. Every session with Wendy is enjoyable, full of laughter and FUN. She is a regular contributor to several publications, corporate trainer and presenter, and leads all of Smitten's fashion and style workshops. Wendy and her team will show you the best stores, styles, cuts and colours in the centre for YOU and your goals.

For further information on Smitten With Style visit  http://smittenwithstyle.com/personalstylistshoppingtrips


For all enquiries and services listed, please visit the Concierge Desk located on Level 1 or call: 02 9422 5300